Thursday, November 27, 2008

French Marigold

I actually ventured outside today to try and plant some bulbs.That was the plan..
I needed to clear some of the dead and dying back plants to make some room.
That took me most of the afternoon untill the light faded.The rain poured on me too.
I cleaned the pots up, cleared the debris of a frenetic summer, and made some room.
Tomorrow I will plant the spring bulbs and trim the Viburnum back.
I uncovered plants that will grow back next year. Agastache, Verbena Bonarensis, and Sedum, all growing strongly at the base of the plant under the wilted stems.
The Heathers all need replacing.They had got leggy and wooden.The Lavender too has been removed, and the Teasel.
I found two surviving Hellebores that might flower by Xmas, the Christmas Roses.
Gardening jobs always take longer than you might think. I always under estimate how much time it will take me to do the jobs i set myself.
It was nice to get outside and get dirt under my fingernails, after an energy dip with the shorter daylight hours.
I had topped up my sunlight levels so much this year, when it gets cold and dark it must shock the body and spirit.
Growth at the base of plants, the buds on the Lilac Tree and the Raspberry cane, and an early spring bulb protuding means that even though its dark the garden is preparing for next year.The best growing season ever i hope!!


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hello, you are potty, did you clean your pots in pouring rain? Nice to read that there is someone out there even more mad than I am :-). It must have been freezing. But I know how you feel it's nice to get dirt under your nail. I looks at my fingers the other morning and said to my Hubby 'look I got clean hands and nails....boring' / Tyra

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Tyra, you are not the only mad one.It was good to get out and do something to the garden.In the morning I will plant the bulbs and finish clearing up.I put three small Hyacinth Bulbs in a bowl to flower indoors.
My neighbours think im mad i bet doing the garden in the cold and wet!
It was good to be outside (with lots of coffee to stay warm).