Friday, November 07, 2008

Goldfinch Dreams

This is my RSPB Goldfinch that I bought at the Carr Gate garden centre with Hils the other day. When you squeeze his back he sings like a real Goldfinch.
I have not seen any real ones in the garden for months.I keep looking to the orange Fir Trees but have not seen any flying about.
Maybe they are hiding, nesting, or migrating. I hung up the Black Thistle seed in a feeder, and have left the Teasel seedheads drying off nicely.
I may stand at the door squeezing Cargates back to make him sing, to try to entice the real birds to visit.
The combi boiler has corroded away I found out today.I am sat with a thick wolf fleece on as I wait for the estate agents to sort out a replacement because the house has no heating still. Why do boilers only break when its cold?
I am totally out of camera battery now untill I get to Argos for some rechargeable ones.The garden looks tired now, with plants flopping over, and leaves wilting then dropping.
I did see some Garden Birds today. A pair of Blue Tits, and a House Sparrow. As winter draws in they will come to visit. Once I have cleared the summers debris and cleared some soil the ground feeders will be hopping around between the plants.
I have a full weekend at work before I can do any gardening or allotment work. I hope my local Goldfinches are going to visit my garden.
I have not had the dreams I had before about masses of Goldfinches hanging off my feeders. A toy one will have to do for the moment...


Anonymous said...

Cargates is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful voice. Maybe you should sit him on the fence to encourage the other goldfinches to visit the garden. Having said that he may frighten all the other birds away as he's quite large lol I'm sure the birds will be back, they're probably just having a rest from your garden and pestering someone else. Maybe Spice has been prowling the garden and frightened off the birds.

David (Snappy) said...

I think I will keep pressing Cargates tail to make him sing to see if any Goldfinches come..
I saw Spice two days ago.She came into the house and sat on my lap for a while before going outside again.