Monday, November 03, 2008

November Jobs

I'm back after a weeks holiday away from work and spent mostly at Cats. The garden needs some work on clearing the fading plants in my collapsed borders.
These Evening Primrose are holding on to their flowers.The Dahlias have been blackened and killed by the frosts.
Why does frost burn plants? One of lifes mysterys....
I put more bird food out today, and heard the Blackbirds singing in the Privet.
The Viburnum needs trimming and soil cleared for the spring bulbs to be planted,
The temperature continues to fall slowly, and the daylight hours shorten too.Its getting chilly in the garden now.
The Chrysanthenums are full of plump red flower buds, and will hopefully flower for me.How quick does time fly when you are having fun.Its two days untill Bonfire night, and a week untill Remembrance Sunday..
November days are very short, so i must remember to admire the garden when i can see it like the pretty yellow of the Evening Primrose..

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