Saturday, January 14, 2006

garden invaders

well today i discovered a hole in our front garden hedge.Some scraggy kids have pulled the branches off and flattened the wire fencing.I was annoyed at them, so a new garden job is to repair the damage.There are too many dogs wandering around for our garden to be exposed.The grandkids play in the garden so we have to repair the hedge.
Its mindless and stupid.I half wanted to go to their gardens and rip their hedge apart or pull the fence down.
My garden of solitude has been desecrated.I guess i will fix it,and move on.The garden is part of all our lives.
I repotted a bakers dozen little aloe vera plants.The parent plant was a leaving gift from Gloucester two and half years ago.Despite changing colour and looking dead it has revived.
I am growing an amarylis in the kitchen.Some photos to follow.When its too cold outside i can nuture my houseplants.....

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