Wednesday, January 04, 2006

cleaning the canvas

well i finally braved the outside weather today.I cleaned up the winter debris of dead plants, leaves, and frost bitten casualties..I took my compost out of the bin and put it onto the borders.It has an extra few inches to insulate the soil and suppress the weeds.
I trimmed the lavender and rosemary, reclaimed some bulbs (gladiolus which i now know need staking to stay upright..drunken sailors), took out some weeds, nettles, and baby brambles.
My white birch is bare, but looks ghostly with white/tan bark stripping from the trunk.The grass is sleepy but thick, and wet underfoot.My trainers got soaked.
Some survivors from winter are the geraniums, heather, lavender, rosemary, and the silver senecio cinnereria (dusty miller) which look leggy but add structure to the borders.
i need to go to the plant shop to buy some more plants.I have visions now of this summers garden.Will take photos tomorrow.I run out of light today.....

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