Friday, May 23, 2014

Rainy Day Return

 I'm back after a long absence from the Blogosphere.I have actually been updating using Twitter to post quick pics about the gardens progress and holidays away. It is wet today so I am indoors waiting for the rain to stop long enough to plant my newly cleared containers.After the Winter I rediscovered my green fingers and started to clear the debris away.
 The Sambuca has been moved into a pot because it was massive. It got stuck with the Dicentra. That needs potting up after it has finished this years growth. Some of the older plants have outgrown the sunken borders limited space. This year will see a renewal. Even the Ceanothus has grown huge with the warmth and rain. It is covered in honey scented blue flowers.I have cut it back hard twice a year and it just regrows more vigorously.
The Black Bamboo has been moved next to a fence to try and protect it from the harsh winds. It gives the fence a green vertical wall feel, and has lovely movement in the wind.
  Twitter is good for short messages, but Blogger is better for writing. 160 characters is quite restricting.I pulled my camera out today and took these few pics.I will take more pics to decorate my posts.
 Its good to be back.


L said...

Good to see you back. Hope you got my e-mail about the pleiones you sent me. On the day I took them in to show my garden club, the speaker was ecstatic about them and I promised him a bulb when the foliage died down. See them on display

David (Snappy) said...

They looked stunning at the Gardening club. I have only had two flowers so far this year. You must have very green fingers.

LostRoses said...

Love your rainy garden. Welcome back!