Monday, May 26, 2014

Planting Day

  The rain finally stopped today long enough for me to plant the containers up with my Burgundy Snapdragons, Lobelia, French Marigolds, and Viola Molly Sanderson. The Corner of the house has these three planters. The Yellow Snapdragons, Geum Orange, and Foxglove were already planted.
 The first Rose of the year always excites me. I did not even notice these Rose buds until last week. One stem has all the buds. Darcey Bussel looks beautiful, and smells delicious.
 A garden without Roses is not a garden. For me they have to be scented too. This Rose is nearly ready to bloom away.
 The Patio and path house lots of pots. I planted the Viola Molly Sanderson, and French Marigolds. Green and Gold works well I think. The patio pots show my love of Grasses, and wispy textured plants that move in the wind.
 The newly planted container with the Violas and French Marigolds. I hope these plants fill out the fertile compost.
 These Molly Sanderson Violas are some of my favourites. The black petals with a purple and yellow centre. Apparently they are scented too..
 View from the shed down the path.Asiatic Lily's, Roses, and Hosta's line the path for a river of green leaves.
 I have a weakness for Hosta's with their stately leaves, crazy waxy leaves that repel water down into the stems. I'm looking for new Hostas to join our collection on the path.Two smaller Hostas are growing on in pots..
 The mighty Ceanothus blooming away over the Geum Mrs Bradshaw. It was grown from a £4 plant from Hampsons. It is eight feet high and four feet wide. It has been trimmed already this year. It needs cutting back to contain it within the space. The trunk is so thick now at the bottom of the shrub.
I have been picking Lily Beetles off again this year. All the Lily's I have will be composted at the end of the growing season.I need new plants to fill the barrel planters.I do not know what yet.
  The garden looks lush now, after all the rain. I cleaned the bird table up, scrubbed the new bird bath, and topped up the feeders. When I'm not gardening I like to sit and watch the garden and the birds flying into it.Happy Days.

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