Monday, May 26, 2014

A Gardeners Dozen

 The rain and sunshine has made lots of things flower so there is plenty to photograph. I start with this colourful Chaffinch that feeds in our garden.
 The Yellow Snapdragons have reflowered in the corner. I cut them back in Spring and they have rewarded me with golden yellow blooms, with their candy stick smell.
 The Foxgloves by the pond glow white against the green like a ghost. I think they contrast beautiful to the green leaves around them, and the pink Astrantia growing next to it.
 The Leopards Bane is growing in the Apple Pot. They are like handsome relatives of Dandelions, but have a leopard spotted leaf.
 After much searching for a birdbath online we went to Carr Gate Nursery and brought this heavy Stone Birdbath. It is two parts. The Base and the Bowl slots in with a piece of plastic pipe.It is now a garden feature in the middle of the patio.It has been cleaned today and refilled with fresh rain water (we had enough of that!!)
 A rescued Hanging Basket Viola. As I get older I find I forget the names of the plants that I buy. Year after year I buy new plants so it will have to remain nameless. I think the colours are exquisite. It is on the patio table now in a pot.
 Rescued from a soggy container are these vibrant Sweet William. I hope these will regrow with vigour in their new home.
 I have new deep Red Aquilegias this year. I have planted some over several years and now are starting to see a good variety of colours. I think they are lovely cottage garden plants growing wild around the sunken border. Each new season provides new colours as they cross with each other.
 This plant is surely the Belle of the ball. Peony Sarah Bernhardt. I cannot remember seeing her flower since we bought her 4 or 5 years ago? The plant has three lovely spherical flower buds, crawling in Ants. I hope for her garden debut this year..
 More Aquilegias nodding in the wind. I may go and buy more of these next year in different colours. To make the sunken border an Aquilegia paint box. Genetics at play is interesting each new growing season.
 In the front garden the most sheltered Moliniuex Rose has flowered. A beautiful Golden colour with lovely tea smell. There are four Rose bushes growing in the grass as a barrier to the neighbours garden.This is an amazingly sumptuous flower, and the Rose bushes leaves are quite healthy.
Last of the gardeners dozen (pictures) is this Geum Lady Stratheden. A red ticket plant from Hampsons, rescued from certain destruction. I have nursed it back to health. It almost ready to open the first Yellow Flower. She joins the Geum Mrs Bradshaw (red and gold flowers), and Geum Orange (no guesses about the colour of this one).
  I love the variety of flowers at the moment.

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Gary said...

You have a nice and varied selection of plants in your garden, and no doubt all growing well with this weather that we are experiencing at the moment. Have a good weekend