Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flowers And Philosophy

 I was at the plot again today trying to continue the late summer clear up.I was surprised by the flowers I found growing in my Onion bed.When I came back I photographed this Geranium.It has re bloomed again for the third time this year.the colour is electric blue.I love the sun casting a shadow with its stamen.
 The Sweet Peas William and Catherine continue to bloom.I think they will until the first frosts cut them down.In a wet summer of many failures these have been a heart lifting success.
 I do not know what these bright yellow wildflowers are called.These were growing up at the allotment in the Onion bed surrounded by volunteer Snapdragons.
 I have left these so I can collect the seed heads.These can be used for the wildflower mix around the garden pond.I love the deep crimson colour with a hint of yellow.These just started growing in the raised bed at the allotment.
 The other snapdragons are a bit lighter red,with a hint of orange.they both smell divine,like my old sweet Candy sticks.
The Bounty from today was these Onions,and some King Edward Potatoes.My experiment growing the Onion Sets in the greenhouse worked.There was good leaf and root growth.The red onions I got from Hils have not grown at all.I think the soil is contaminated with white rot that stops the plate growth of Onion Sets.
  I have cleared four of the raised beds.Two have crops still growing in them (Broccoli Waltham, and Cabbage Primo 2).The Snapdragons and Yellow flowers are growing in one bed.Two need clearing ready for the winter green manure.The area between the beds needs digging over and covering with black tarpaulin.
 Once I have written this blog post I will be doing Internet shopping for more those items.I am enjoying the few successes of the allotment in 2012.
 The failures include no Carrots,Parsnips,French beans, or Japanese Onions germinated in the soil, so there were no crops.
 The weeds and grasses have outgrown all the vegetable crops in my absence.Now is a time to regroup and plan for next year.

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Ioana said...

The geranium looks a lot like my geranium Rozanne, but it could also be Johnson's blue, as Rozanne is never without blooms unless it's winter
Great crop of onions & potatoes