Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas 2011

I have enjoyed this Christmas.A mixture of presents,television,and eating well.The build up always makes you enjoy it more,but it passes too quickly!I have been out in the garden today tidying the greenhouse out.I removed the dying back Tomato plants and chucked out rubbish.I re potted my Climbing Fuchsia from Cromer,and replaced all the shelving ready for spring flower and vegetable seed trays.I got a White Indoor Rose plant from Mum.Cat bought me this Elvis Teddy bear with peacock embroidered jump suit with gold edging, and a microphone.He will decorate the sidebar next year.
I bought an Oyster Mushroom growing kit.I read the wrong instructions (there were two different types on the back too),and then took the bag off.I have now replaced the bag back on my Mushroom kit.It was sat next to the Elvis bear.The first pins are already growing up through the straw.I cannot wait to photograph my Oyster Mushrooms but also cook them.
The garden winter clean up will take place in stages after my night shifts.I need to get to the Allotment too to start clearing the beds ready for next years growing season.
Xmas is a good time to relax and remember what went well and what did not.I have found my two tins of Seeds ready for my inspection.Im thinking about next years growing season already.
I hope you all had very merry Christmases.The New Year is only five days away..


KL said...

You have a nice and interesting blog. I will be waiting patiently for your mushroom picture as I am also thinking of growing mushroom. But, I am not sure if it can eventually turn dangerous and poisonous or not.

corfukate said...

Hi, Im reading your blog in Ontario, Canada. I think you are having a much worse winter than me, I have no snow and mildish temps!

It is a very pleasant read,; I am English and a gardener, andmiss my growing season over there - here I can only garden from May to October. Then the ground is solid, and usually covered in snow!

I look forward to another blog! Kate