Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pansys And New Years Plans

There are only twelve days until Xmas.The weather outside has turned decidedly wintry, with rain and freezing cold winds.The bleak days have finished off most of the late flowering plants.These Pansy's are due to go into the hanging baskets for Winter colour.These delicate flowers are as tough as old nails.Freezing temperatures and torrential downpours has not dampened their flowering spirit.The cold weather has meant I have been indoors lots cooking and baking.The garden looks green but without much vibrant colour.The decking will be removed in January when we have a new Conservatory built.I will be able to move the dining room table outside closer to the birds.The sunken border will probably be replanted after all the building work has finished.We will have an outdoor plug too for putting more lights outside.
I have had emails about garden projects for next years Olympic Games.Green fingered community leaders will be celebrating the games for local communities.2012 will be a great gardening year.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't commented much this year - it doesn't mean I am not following though!

Just sorting out my seeds and planning two new vegetable beds - my winter project so its already for spring!

Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year