Saturday, December 03, 2011

Waterford Colours

When it is December the gardens flowers have mostly died away.Any colour you can find helps you through the gloomy dark days.In Scotland I bought a lovely waterford crystal vase and have bought some flowers to illuminate the front room.The most brightly coloured Peruvian Lilys with pink,white,and yellow spashes of colour.The light illuminates them.

To accompany the Peruvian Lilys I bought some White Carnations.These smell faintly of cloves and contrast to the Pinks,and reds of the Alstromeria.
Cut flowers can give you winter colour.The wind is blowing outside today.The Mole has been back digging in his favourite holes along the path.
I still have two nights to go before I can get back to gardening.The Xmas Tree will be put up on Monday after a sleep.

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Diana said...

Beautiful lily with lovely colors!
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