Saturday, October 15, 2011

Autumn Signs

I finally have a weekend off and I'm going to enjoy it.The Autumn weather means it has fluctuated between sunny days to wet rainy days.The damp days have inspired these Mushrooms to start growing in the grass.They are like fairy castles appearing overnight and then disappearing a few days after.The underside of the mushroom is amazingly intricate.Fungi's are strange things,a cross between a plant and an animal.These little grey caps look like a miniature village.Like the Gauls village in the Asterix comic books.they are hidden under our back gardens grass.The appearance of long hidden mushrooms is a sign of Autumn.Usually woodland floors sprout lots of Mushrooms in the autumn.The Spring Primulas have grown quietly over the summer and have begun to flower in earnest under the bird feeder.The white Flowers have a radiant yellow centre like a spun egg yolk.These are very hardy plants and should survive the winter.The Echinops flower heads have turned into seed heads.They still have an architectural form to them.Seed heads forming is another sign that the seasons have changed.
In the pots on the decking this lone Petunia flowers away.I love the vibrancy of the red with the patterned veins.The October skys illuminate reds,oranges,yellows,and browns more clearly.These colours seem to glow.
The Snapdragons by the pond are still flowering.I enjoy the candy stick smell that these flowers have.There are pink and these white Snapdragons growing still.These self seeded from the first year we planted around the pond.The wildflower area should grow anew each year with different varieties of flowers.The soil has been left poor with no compost added.
I topped up the birds food and water after we went shopping.As the weather gets colder they will come to the garden more frequently.I think that the Trees and shrubs provide plenty of natural food for the garden birds.Winter will draw them into our garden to feed.

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