Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Light

This was taken today at Pugneys nature reserve. We went for a walk around the lake, a distance of 1.6 miles.
A gaggle of Canadian Geese hung out on the edge of the Lake. The ice was still present and as the water lapped across you could hear the ice cracking underneath. It sounded like a big pepper grinder.
The birds had moved from the frozen little lake to this bigger one.
The Swans were swimming along the edge of the lake. We saw Coots, Cormorants, Ducks, Geese, and Seagulls.
After our nature walk I tidied up the garden a bit. I renewed all the Bird feeders and water. I planted my Toad Lily's into two pots. I repaired the battered cold frame ready for the Leeks and Cabbage seeds.
The Winter sun made everything appear brighter when it was out. The rest of the time it was a twilight. This photo captures the winter light really well..

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A Year In My Garden said...

I think we went to Pugney's a couple of years ago when wee visaited a neighbour in Pinderfields. I like the pewpper grinder image with the ice - I've heard that noise.