Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Years Wishes

Happy New Year...A little late, but here is the first blog post of 2011.
This colourful window hanging has some beautiful Blue and Violet Iris that shine when the winter sun shines through them.
The weather has warmed up markedly. The snow and ice have melted away. It is not light for very long, but the garden is always a hive of activity with the Garden Birds feeding.
There are always sunflower hearts, peanuts, fat balls, seed mix, and nijer seeds ready to be eaten.
With the New Year comes the new growing Season goals. These are a few things that I want to accomplish in 2011:
1) Clear the Rubbish from the garden and plant the fence path with more Hostas and Roses in Containers.

2) Buy more Patio sized Fruit Trees especially Cooking Apples and Pears. Maybe a Cherry Tree? The Fences are quite sunny so the fruit should grow on well in Pots.

3) Buy a new deeper Pond. Prefabricated Liners are available. The Pond mark one was a great success attracting Frogs and Dragonfly's. It is very calming to look at still water.

4) To make the Allotment more productive. I have a week off after these nights. I will spend a lot of time clearing the plot. I want to spend more time up there. I might have to say do two days a week to keep on top of the weeding and allotment jobs. This has been very difficult with work being exhausting and busy for the end of last year. I want to use my Allotment Diary book that I bought. It has different sections for planning, sowing, and recording harvests. Pockets for putting in Receipts and seed packets..

5) To try to attract more Species of Birds and Wildlife into the garden. The bird feeders and birdbaths have been a great success in 2010.

6)I want to buy a new Camera. I don't know which. The Blog is driven by the Photos alongside the writing. A functional one that can take long garden shots, and macro shots of flowers, insects, and wildlife.

7) I will try to Blog much more regularly. There is another Laptop now so this one can be used solely for storing my photos and doing blog posts. How often do other people blog? I end up with hundreds of posts usually by the end of the year.

8) I want to buy a Greenhouse for the garden. I dismantled my old one but it was just a frame and plastic covering that ripped in the Yorkshire wind. The Strawberry bed on the Raised Sleepers may be sacrificed to make way for the small Greenhouse. It is a brilliant environment and there is magic in growing your own plants from seeds, especially if they flower.

I hope that all the gardens got nice presents, and that the new year has inspired you to think about a Gardens resolutions 2011. Happy New Year people.


Anonymous said...

I was running this morning and thought I haven't seen a blog from Snappy for a while ...

Mystic Meg or what?

I haven't written a list this year but I am planning lots.

All yours are admirable - I blog quite often but should spend more time in the Real World ... its really quite interesting there

A Year In My Garden said...

That's very ambitious - I am just trying to get mine under control and recover any lost ground/tools/children from the undergrowth