Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toads, and Seeds

I bought the first new seeds of the year yesterday from Hampsons. three packets of Vegetable seeds. Cabbage, Carrot, and Leek seeds.
I want to grow things that I will eat this year. I will go online shopping later today for some Fruit Trees to join my lone Apple Braeburn.
I bought two Toad Lily roots yesterday. These very colourful plants are from the Himalayas. Herbaceous Perennial meaning they will grow from the root. I bought two which need planting in a pot.
The photo is the Lilac Tree who's buds have started to develop. I love the red, yellow, and green colouration. These will burst into leaf when the temperature warms up.
The cold has been replaced by rain. The garden is getting deluged and waterlogged.
I want to look through my two biscuit tins full of seed packets and see what I can grow this year. Both Flowering plants, and edible plants. I want to buy a heating propagator ready to germinate my Chili Plant seeds. I hope to have a greenhouse to grow the plants on in with a bumper harvest of Jalapeno and Habanero Chilis.
I hope 2011 will be a good growing year. The planning and dreaming starts now.


A Year In My Garden said...

Your garden in Wakefield seems to be responding to the weather pretty much like mine over here in Grimsby - I have lilac buds - and while I am not considering big veg thois year some chilis are deinitley on my list, along with courgettes and aubergines and squashes. Nice picture. Your lilac has prettier buds than mine. But my dad is bigger than yours.

Sarah said...

I think your photos are really good and I love to see these buds coming through. I've just spotted my first tulip leaves coming up in pots - they've been such good value, I used to lose them to the wet when the bulbs were in the ground, being next to a water meadow in south west England (gets the wet weather from the Atlantic).