Friday, October 08, 2010

Insy Wincey

The evenings are getting darker earlier, and its getting colder at night. I bought a thick winter coat today ready for the cold mornings ahead. I get up at 530am for my long days so its always very cold first thing.
The trees around the roads are showing signs of the change of season. Leaves are turning to fiery colours. The crisp green leaves turn to hues of orange, yellow, red, or russet, before they fall to the floor under the tree. The pavements are slowly being covered by dropped leaves, perfect to kick your way through.
There has been an explosion of Spiders spinning webs between anything that is upright.
The dying back Hostas have flower spikes covered in seed pods. These structures are what the photographed spider has attached the webt to, and constructed its ornate web. Why do Spiders go crazy in the Autumn and spin webs on anything in the garden?
I bought a bag of mixed Daffodils and Narcissus from Wilkos. These will join the Tulips, Aliums, Crocuses, and Iris that need to be planted before the ground freezes solid.
We collected King Edward Potatoes, along with a Courgette, Runner Beans, and two chunky Italian Carrots from the waterlogged allotment.
The allotment plot needs totally clearing across the winter ready for rotavating and digging in of manure. I want to start next year with a blank plot and just grow plants in blocks, instead of trying to have raised beds.
I love Spiders in the garden. It shows that there is a healthy balance with plenty of food for the arachnids. There webs look magical when the first frosts freeze dew droplets on them.

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Georgina said...

Hey Bruv. Scott has a spider in each of his car wing mirrors. They're very efficient at spinning webs overnight to catch all the tasty bugs :)