Thursday, October 07, 2010

Autumn Watch

The Autumn watch program starts tonight on BBC 2 with Chris Packham, and Kate Humble. They are broadcasting live for eight weeks, concentrating on wildlife around Britain. I have a pair of Squirrels that have taken to visiting my garden. A juvenile one, and an adult one. They are so agile and are quite daring. Undertaking daylight raids of my bird feeders. This one found my peanuts irresistible. He has to work though to get the nuts from within a steel cage.

They are eating the birds food, but also digging up holes in my pots. I still want to find a method of deterring them from destroying my pots. They move plants and bulbs out of the pot as they dig with their small paws.
I read the other day that the greys days are numbered, as a stronger faster Black Squirrel has been conquering their previous territories.
The grey Squirrels that we have in the garden, are so perfectly adapted to live amongst people, and are always hungry. They previously out competed the British red Squirrels.
I think they are charming, so I will have to put up with the destruction of my pots. They are part of the wildlife that visits the garden. They will be enjoying the fruits, and berries of the Autumn, readying themselves for a cold hard winter.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs Snappy

Georgina said...

Hey Bruv, squirrels are ace. Glad you're feeding them as well as the birds.