Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Romantic Roses

Its Tuesday the first day of August and alas the snappy gardener has to go back to the real world of work. I have been in the garden everyday for my two weeks. I have taken loads of pictures, and charted every bloom that has occurred.

The posts might get smaller now. I am waiting for the rest of the gladioli to come into flower. The Mon lam has flower buds which hopefully means i can identify what it is i have grown from seed.

I have collected a lot of seeds from this years flowers so hopefully next year i will have grown the plants from seed.

The weather has changed from hot and humid, to normal July temperatures, and heavy showers now. The garden will look much more lush after the several downpours.Its been a fabulous two weeks, but now its back to the grind. The garden will still be my place of retreat, and solitude from the stresses of the NHS. I do think gardens are calming places, in fact growing flowers or herbs or veg is therapeutic. I will keep posting in between shifts and when energy levels permit me to.

Pictured is the orange tea rose bloom, splattered by raindrops, and chewed by a few beasties. I want many more rose's next year. The David Austin catalogue beckons me, with lovely pictures, and descriptions, and what the name means. They have named roses after famous people and places and some are so poetic, you just want them in your garden for the romance of them.

Next year expect posts with names like strawberry hill, tea clipper, or lady of Megginch.I have discovered a love of roses, the shape of the flowers, the changing of its appearance, and the scents that different roses can have.

I will post after my nightshifts i think...


Boxwood Cottage said...

I knew you would fall in love with the Austin roses too Snappy! It's addicting!

roybe said...

I agree gardening is so theraputic and is a real release from some of the stresses of life. The host of our tv show "Gardening Australia" was interviewed recently and he was saying research shows gardening to be helpful in the treatment of depression. Your garden is looking lovely at the moment snappy, beautiful colours.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Carol i have the catalogue now to peruse the roses.God there are so many, need to work out which ones for my long border...
I agree Roybe with the host of that TV show.If you get involved with your garden and are passionate you begin to feel healing vibes from the plants, shrubs, and flowers.Here even Prince Charles talks to his plants, and has beautiful garden at his residence Highgrove (which went to be displayed at the RHS Tatton park show, hostas and ferns).
The colours really show up with the new camera.When i post whats flowering i try to vary the colours that i show.