Saturday, February 12, 2005

Winter is Seed time

Its cold occasionally, the winter flowering bulbs have begun to push up from cold waterlogged ground. Snowdrops, bluebells, crocus, and lots of others i dont know the name of. Gardeners peruse through seed catalogues thinking about summer and flowers. I felt the urge today to go and buy some seeds.
I went into wilko's which always have a selection of seeds for flowers, fruits, and vegetable. I am thinking about growing lettuces for my babes who loves salads. The area next to my coal shed is dead space. Just grass and next doors garage. Watch this space as i have never grown any before.
The seeds i bought are:
2)Antirrhinum (snapdragons to me)
3)Evening primrose
4)purple coneflower

The first three i have grown, the last two i have never grown before. I want to go plant shopping tomorrow for the back fence border. I need some large shrubs to create focal points. The senecio cinnereria are lost in a sea of soil, only the phlox are there but they are flat to the earth.

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