Friday, February 11, 2005

First post today

This is my blog about my garden.I just took photo's and it does not look like a stately home garden by a long shot.
It is on a hill side, its windy, the soil is heavy and full of stones.It drains quite well some parts (the square border) dry out rapidly.The grass has a lot of weeds, and bindweed is all over the garden.
I had to remove tons of household refuse, broken glass, car parts, bricks, concrete, tiles,old coal fire ashes,dumped coal.It took a week to find the rubbish and remove it.The grass was four feet high in places.
Mowing is a problem because its on a slope, uneven with holes in places.The surrounding hedge is between six to ten feet high.
Two trees are within the garden.A white barked one with dainty leaves, and a two stumped lelandi which had been cut in half at the top.Amateur tree surgery i think.
Winter has killed off most of my plants which is why the soil is bare and plantless in places.
Look at the pictures that i will post now!More later.Does anybody know a garden design program?Or one for making a 2d plan?

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