Monday, February 28, 2005

Update garden

Its been a bit snowy and wet recently so i have not been into the garden as much as i would have liked.I have put some new plants into the back border along the fence.They prompty got covered in snow so i have not looked at them to check the growth.
The vegetable plot is still an idea in my head.I think behind where the coal bunker is but bordering the neighbours garage/fence.I want to grow carrots, lettuce, and onions.The plan is new planting every three weeks for a fresh supply of those.I have a hankering to grow tomatos in a grow bag.Mum grew a beautifull tomato plant from seeds she dried out from a cheese and tomato sandwich!!
Any ideas how to grow tomatos successfully?Need some help folks!!
The plants i got are called chaenomeles, hebe silver dollar,and others i cannot remember.Keep on gardening world...

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OldRoses said...

Hi David! Or should I call you "Snappy"? Love your blog. I'll be watching it closely. You can peek at my garden in New Jersey, USA. It is 10 years old now. I also have pictures of other gardens from different periods of my life.