Monday, August 07, 2006

How long does it take for a garden to go wild?

About three days in my case.There were casualties of neglect everywhere.The trellis morning glory, tomato plants, dahlia, evening primrose, and green planter had all dried up and wilted.The rain must have missed their pots!!
I got an email from Thompsons today saying water the pots every day because they will dry out even in rain.I watered them all, and made my seed trays soaked again.
The gladiolus have flowered on a different plant.The violas look very pretty with the mad colours.
I need to know if anyone can identify the mon lam.I have a close up picture of the mad looking flower buds, like a two layered wedding need to look at the picture to understand the metaphor...
The sunflowers have finished, the anemones have finished.The Nasturtium has a renewal of vigour with brand new leaves and flowers after looking half dead and diseased.
The snapdragons are still flowering prodgiously, they smell like candy,yum yum.The hydrangea cutting is not developing leaves as fast as i thought it would..
One hollyhock seedling looks very sick.The other one has developed a second leaf so im hopefull.I planted about eighteen seeds so maybe they germinate slowly...
Eight busy lizzie plants are developing in the red pots on the coffee table..
Sometimes when you are working or away from the garden it develops a mind of its own, and plants suffer with the terrible humid weather.
It still has lots of colours and with the late flowers developing it has had longevity.I will by the end of summer work out how to do a flash media thing which plays photos with some relaxing music and titles for the monthly displays.
Pics to follow there a way of displaying a photo then some text, then a photo.When i try they all go to the top of the post so i have to use hello for individual photos.Anyone technically minded in the vagaries of blogger??
Keep on growing world.


Claire Splan said...

The only way I've been able to figure out mixing text and photos in Blogger is to write all the text, then add the photos (which, as you said, automatically all go to the top). Then you can click on each photo and drag it to where you want in the text. It doesn't place it exactly right, but you can get pretty close. Also, you have to select when you upload the photos to begin with whether you want each one to be centered, or on the right or left.

Salix Tree said...

I upload all my photos first, centered. the bottom photo goes in first, and the top photo last. Then there is enough space inbetween each photo to write something.

snappy said...

thanks Alameda Claire and Salix tree.I will try to work out how to do it.