Friday, August 25, 2006

Day off (Heaven)

I have snapped a few pictures today, and took in the garden after a small break. The grass is getting long, the weeds vigerous, and there are suprise invaders...
A small colony of brown Mushrooms have sprung up in the square border, and alongside it. The rain was so heavy the soil has become waterlogged.I guess with the temperature being 20 degrees its perfect for them..

The summer flowers are all fading.Im debating how long to keep them in the borders before the autumn clear out.It might draw the eye to the late flowers of the glads and Monarda.
I think the pink/purple flowers look like fraggles, Jim Hensons fraggles which i used to love on TV.

One tea rose bush has succumbed to black rot and dropped every leaf.I will get some sulphur spray next year and beat back the fungus..
I found two horsetail weeds in the long border.The bindweed is coming to the end of its weedy life but still trys strangling a few of my plants.

(Oxalis flowers in the morning)

The garden needs a lot of TLC but the grass is too wet to cut.I might try later when its dried off a bit. Start planning for next years borders and new additions to my plant family.
Im cooking home made bread downstairs in a breadmaker.But im impatient to see it in action.The dough is resting, hopefully the whole house will soon smell of freshly baked bread.Like I smell when i walk past a local bakers every morning at half past five.
The Dandelion wine has been filtered and is now sat in a glass cider Flagon.Half a gallon of intoxicating fairy magic.The liquid is quite murky though (reminds me of my younger days getting farmhouse scrumpy.It was STRONG and made me very ill, but intoxicated).
It needs to sit now untill November, patience patience..Next year I want to make two batches one in the spring and one in the Summer...
I read recipes too for strawberry wine, and blackberry wine.I just enjoy the process of making them as im pretty much teetotal most of the year....

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