Sunday, August 20, 2006

Shrinking Violets

Todays post is about that very shy species, the gardener. I look at a lot of garden blogs from all around the world. What struck me yesterday was that the huge amount of photo's of plants, flowers, tree's, shrubs, Cats, a Hare eating a dandelion salad..
I know only two bloggers who actually have displayed photos of themselves.Step forward Trey
and Angela from Northern California.
Every other one has other pictures within the profile box but not face pics.Im dying to see what people look like.
Do you visualise a gardener from their photos, choice of plants, and their hands (which come into shot sometimes to hold up a flower say at a better angle)?
I do try to imagine them.
Then there are those who photograph themselves from the back so you can see either a hat, or their hair..
Step forward Sigrun (queen of the obscured pic of mr Wanderful, and i know she has dark hair from behind)
And today Old roses, first time in front of the Camera.She has a cool hat though..
Why do gardeners photograph everything in the garden, and visit other gardens for inspiration but never get a photo of them by a prize plant or border..?
You have to be brave to put your photos and prose up with some of the outstanding gardens and blogs that are online currently.
Do you all feel shy about showing yourself to the world?
I worry about putting my picture on the blog.I have done it twice that i remember in 18 months. Are gardeners shrinking violets when it comes to displaying their faces?
The question is why do gardeners not get photographed themselves in the garden, getting a better half to photograph them. Has anyone got there photo on a recent post from the front view?


Salix Tree said...

hehe.. maybe some of us are getting on in years, and don't look as lovely as we did in our youth? I always think it doesn't matter how people look, as personality counts more. But that said, I still don't much like how I look in recent pictures. Silly me, hm?
I might get brave one day and post a pic of me...

Hanna said...

I just hate the way I look in pics. I think my flowers are just nicer for people to look at. ;)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

You can see one of my eyes in my profile pic... since the eyes are the window to one's soul, that should give you a pretty good idea! ;)

I am never happy with most of my pictures, seriously. They just don't look the way I imagine myself to be. Ever.

lisa said...

Hey! What about me? I put my face out there cuz' I ain't scared...I figure why not just be myself-who else could I be? I may be a lot rounder that I was 20 years ago, but I'm still the same "dirty girl" (mostly gardening reference...really! ;)

Angela said...

I almost always hate the way I look in photos... thanks, Hollywood... but I think we all need to cut ourselves more slack and just be who we are and be proud of it! Not everyone can look like Britney Spears. Even Britney Spears doesn't look like Britney Spears anymore. Let's just all get over ourselves and post our photos. Be proud that only you look like you (identical twins, excluded). You're one of a kind! I do want to see what all my blogging friends look like so I can put a face to each name. Would we like each other any less because of what we look like? Heck no! We were drawn to each other because of our intense love of gardening. Remember, blogs arose to fill the need for an alternative to traditional media. They allow us to be REAL. Really real, unlike "Reality TV". Really real unlike advertising-driven gardening shows and magazines. I'd much rather watch a video blog of a foul-mouthed grubby grandma working in her garden than some painfully perky, impeccably dressed host prompting boring answers from a garden subject who probably hired an architect and landscape crew to whip their garden into shape.

snappy said...

Thanks Salix tree, most of the gardeners i know are personality pictures from the photos they post and the words they use.The shrinking violets are tongue in cheek, and just observation..
I bet you are lovely Hannah, just a bit shy.Theres nothing wrong with wanting to see the person who's garden and flowers looks beautiful..
Blackswamp girl, you have a romantic streak in you.The eyes are indeed windows to the soul.I will have a look at your profile pic and tell you what i can see..
Lisa, beauty is in the eye of the beholder really.Keep on displaying your pic, and keep your hands dirty,
Angela, thanks for the long comment.Britney spears looks like someone else now.Who wants to be a celebrity?
Every gardener who blogs is unique and I dont care how they look.Their passion is what attracts me to them.Kindred spirits drawn together to blog about gardens, growing things, and flowers.
The Blogs have filled a niche in the world of TV/Magasines.
Real people, real gardens.Who wants air brushed perfection, fake manicured lawns, and gardens designed by architects and landscapers.
I want real gardens, with rough edges, planting based on tastes and brimming with passion.
I love the garden and i hope it shows.All the blogs I read have that.For tomatoes, squash, corn, roses, daylillies, cactus or whatever you have growing..
The USA's garden programmes/Mags are driven by marketing and tie ins.The UK programmes are for a smaller audience, but the magasines are heavy on advertising to keep the price down.
Blogs are free, advertise nothing, and so are pure of heart.
I like the way you looked reading that guide book for the Mendolino coast?? Lovely Angela!!

trey said...

Hey Snappy,

I posted a new pic in honor of your post. Cheers!

P.S. I didn't drop the glass!

Kati said...

yup! that would be me. terrified to put a picture of myself on the blog!

snappy said...

Thanks Trey, I read your blog now as often as you post.That festival seems really good.You have a good community spirit, and i hope it makes your golden gecko nursery grow and prosper.I love the new pic with the upheld wine glass, Cheers!!
Kati im not very fond of putting my photo on either.The difference between how i see myself and the photos are too great.Will just photograph my hands!!