Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grey Day

This is the book I started reading last night, after finding it whilst cleaning up. The weather has been atrocious with grey skies, wind, and rain. I took a few photos for todays blog post but had no energy.

The book is by Joanne Harris, a Yorkshire lass who wrote Chocolat too which was one of the best books I have read.The Oxalis flower reminded me of the sweet shop in that book.

With my attempt at homemade Dandelion wine I thought I would read Blackberry wine. Its full of wine, scents, plants, and old fashioned gardens. I have not finished it yet.

I dont even drink wine, but the internet told me how to do it, so I did do it. Sallyanne thinks i'm mad. The people at work think im crazy but want to try some when its ready.

The grass is regrowing too faster now the weather is cooler.It will need cutting soon. The wet conditions have made everything look green, lush, verdant green.

This is my Kitchen window Viola in Red and Yellow, like a medieval stained glass window with sunlight streaming through it.

I feel melancholy today because of the grey skies. I guess as summer starts to end, what do you blog about? The grass not growing. The tree's going bare. The wet soil. Frost dates.

I guess i will see how many people put their blogs to sleep, like bears hibernating over winter. I feel quite attached to posting words and photo's. If the garden is bare I will find some topic. Last year from November to March was post less mostly. I want to do better this year. Keep the old tin stove burning so people can warm themselves with winter musings.

Will you keep the garden blog going over the winter to come? Antipodean gardeners excepted who have their summer to come...


Carol said...

Yes, I plan to keep my blog going through the winter, but probably won't post every single day. I have another blog that demands a daily entry, anyway.

I find gardening an infinitely intresting topic and can always find something to talk or write about.

We had rain and grey skies today in central Indiana, USA, too. It does zap one's energy.

Lovely viola, by the way.

Naturegirl said...

Oh Snap out if it Snappy! Of course we'll blog over the winter to keep one another cheery and motivated! We can read garden peotry, stories, visit nurseries,review our MANY photos we have all taken over the summer and SHARE with one another!!! Come on I'M...we're counting on YOU!! Yes I feel
a bit nervous with the weather getting cooler and the days shorter...I am having to get in as much sunshine as I can to store in this body that suffers fro SADD over winter months! Now do you feel better! :) hugs NG

Claire Splan said...

Your garden looks a long way from being finished for the season. It still seems to be very full and colorful. Do you get snow where you are, or does it just get too wet and cold for gardening? I'm going to try to keep my blog going, although in December and January, it will probably be more about planning than actual doing. The irony is that I'll have probably have more time to blog then, but less to say!

Thanks for the book recommendation. I loved Chocolat, so I'll probably like this one too.

OldRoses said...

I post year-round. I hope you keep yours up all winter too! Don't you have lots of houseplants to blog about?

lisa said...

Cheer up Snappy! We can all post to complain/vent at least...I plan to post the beautiful fall colors up here, winter structure of my grasses and other stuff (I don't remove dead plants til' spring-looks cool in the snow)...and I plan to blog my gorgeous deep snow! Plus I get lots of birdies to the feeders all winter, and they look very nice in contrast to the white snow. Plus I hope to get an awesome new camera with my tax check in Feb., then my blog will be loaded with pics! I'm sure we'll all keep each other amused quite well ; )

Karen said...

I have three different blogs, so last year I put the gardening blog on hiatus from November 2 to March 31 and I didn't miss it. Many people combine their gardening selves with their other selves, but I tend to keep my "selves" (different interests) in different compartments.

trey said...

What a fabulous name for a flower, “love in a mist”.

We have a second spring here in California called fall. Lot’s of people find fall planting a better choice in our Mediterranean climate. Soon as the fall season ends we get into the Christmas season mode. Gift plants, garden ornaments, and lot’s of gift cards. We close from Dec. 24th to about the third week of January when we jump right into the bare root season for fruit trees.

Things slow down physically in the winter, but that’s when the mind becomes mossy with ideas, and what a better way to bounce them off others than blogging. I have heard from some other bloggers that they have some great things to discuss once the busy work of gardening is done.

There are many things to discuss Snappy, and this winter does not have enough days in it for us to discuss them all!

snappy said...

Thanks everyone who replied to that post.That is my new record for comments left!!
I will post a reply to all the comments, but it deserves a whole post of its own.Thanks Carol, Naturegirl, Claire Alameda, Old roses, Lisa, Karen, and Trey.
Im indebted to you all for being positive, and making that grey day happier.I will post all through Autumn and winter.Keeping the garden bloggers fire burning bright through the darkness and cold.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I plan to keep on blogging all winter. I don't only write about garden topics though.
By the way, I LOVE all Joanna Harris's books.

roybe said...

Hello snappy, have you ever thought of getting a small heated greenhouse so you can keep growing a few things over the winter months? I'm into Hoyas at the moment. Over in Sweden they grow some amazing Hoya's indoors and in hothouses. Have a look at for a bit of inspiration. Turn grey into green. Happy autumn!

snappy said...

Britt, i love her books too.I am nearly finished blackberry wine.
Roybe I have thought about a greenhouse.There are too many kids who would throw stones at it, and the cost.I will buy one one day..

Zoey said...

Hi Snappy,
I wandered on in from Karen's blog.
I also plan to keep on posting all winter long. It's amazing what I can find to post about. When you've been blogging a long time (almost 2 years for me), you begin to look at everything that happens in your day as possible blog fodder. I would have withdrawal symptoms if I stopped posting!

Congratulations on breaking you comment record.

Kerri said...

Snappy, do you think we'll ever run out of things to discuss? :) No, never! Without the garden to keep me busy, I'll have time for reading lots more blogs and doing all those things I didn't find time for in the house during the busy summer months.
I'll put Blackberry Wine on my book list too. I loved Chocolat! It was so full of great characters.
Gray days make me feel that way too, especially when we have several in a row, as we've had so often this spring and summer.

snappy said...

Zoey, thanks for commenting.I just read your last few posts.They are funny, and beautifully photographed.I have added you on my bookmarked list so expect comments...
Kerri I loved blackberry wine.I finished it a few days ago.Im a big fan of Joanne Harris's books now.Chocolat was full of memorable characters and the writing made me drool and dream about chocolate.The conflict between the church and the sweetshop was so magically written.I would reread it again, it was that good.
Blackberry wine is a good winter book to read by a warm fire, with a glass of wine in hand.It has a lot of gardening references in it between the main character and his idol.I will lift a quote from it and write a new post..