Tuesday, August 29, 2006

rock a bye tia and cara on the tree top... Posted by Picasa


Sigrun said...

Snappy, they looks so cute. Are they?


snappy said...

Yes Sigrun they are cute, but very mischevious.Yeterday Cara climbed on a chair to eat Camerons fish dinner.She got thrown out for bad behaviour.
Tia is better behaved, but has been led astray by Cara.They will pull meat off the side and eat it on the floor..
But they are both loving cats!!

Mrs Woman said...

Ahh, we've got four cats, but two of them work together as meat theives. They don't curl up together like yours though - very sweet!

snappy said...

Mrs Woman, cara is the main meat thief.Tia shares in her spoils but she knows Cara is always the main suspect.Four legs versus three..