Thursday, August 24, 2006

Between Shifts post

I have finished a late shift, just answered all the recent comments and put new ones on.I sniffed my dandelion wine which is gorgeous.The scent is a sweet ethanol smell, not yeasty like before.The liquid is very cloudy now with yeast partying in the sugar solution..
It poured with rain today, so bad the hospital i work at was flooded in place.Cascades rained down along all the corridors, down the windows, through the door frames.It was like a queensland monsoon.
Floods all around wakefield, roads cut off as they stopped traffic.
I worried about my garden, which flowers were going to be damaged.I have to sleep and try to wake up at 5am for my early shift..
Two days off are nearly here, joy.Lots of gardening and photos of the garden.It was dark when i got back.It should be very lush and green with the torrential downpours.
Good night world,more meaningful posts tomorrow.zzzzz.

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