Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why I leave comments

Hannah started it all off with her post about why she did not leave comments on other peoples blogs:
I read it and commented (of course!!). I saw a link to it from Trey, famous garden nursery guy from Golden Gecko Nurserys:
If i like someones blog photos and words I will go through the Archives. I get an email when a comment is posted so if anyone is brave enough to go through the archives I will reply.
I agree with Hannah about technical discussions are sometimes way over my head. I read them but would not leave a comment.
I like to read comments posted on mine, and then reply to them. I figure if someone is willing to go through the hoops of name and password, and type in letters then i can respond to the comment.
The comments become a discussion often about the post topic.They can veer off at tangents but are fun.
Very few people have written derogotory or abusive comments.I try to taper mine with you may say that but i do not agree.Lets agree to disagree (ie about Gnomes).
I want the author to read the comment and feel touched, that their work has inspired someone else. The picture was great, or the planting arrangement.Maybe it reminded you of something else.Tell them that it did.
As egocentric as our blogs are, its always good to reach out, and have dialogue with fellow green thumbs.For advise, for identifying mystery plants, for recognition of good gardening, of beautiful photo's, of funny stories, or as a response to more personel posts about bereavement or the loss of a pet etc.
The blogs have evolved into a daily forum of garden stories, experiences, and exchange of knowledge. Bloggers have become an online community.I am embedded in a lot of peoples blogs in comments.My list takes me a good hour to peruse all the garden blogs i have links for.
Leaving comments is a good thing for making the community more friendly, and connecting people wherever they may garden. In Germany, Finland, Ireland, USA from California to New York, Australia, Romania, and so on. From big gardens to small humble Balcony ones.
People have taken blogging up, and the comments have turned it from a labour of love, to a interactive experience.
Comments connect people, and i love to socialise. Spreading my gardens healing vibrations to blogs all over the world. I enjoy getting the healing vibes back too.....


trey said...

Snappy, your post is wonderful. I enjoy seeing your name in my inbox. You are a very unique individual that stands out for the amount of “healing vibrations” he sends out. Thank you.

mrsnesbitt said...

Lo.vely words!

Will have a read through your blog too!

Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you?
We are North, just outside Whitby.
Foggy today and raining!


Karen said...

Blogging without the commenting aspect is very impersonal. Since I like to get comments, I also leave comments. It's hard to reach out, in case you inadvertently offend someone -- but I'd rather risk that than not comment at all.

I must say though (with a nod to you Snappy, and a couple of others) that I find comment moderation disconcerting. Well, it's not so bad with regular updaters like yourself, but some people have comment moderation turned on and are very sporadic about displaying their comments. (I have actually given up on one blog like that.)

Hanna said...

As I said on my blog in the comments, you are one of the most prolific commentors I see (You and Janet).

I like what you are saying about comments helping to connect us as a community. I think that is true.

Sigrun said...

Hi Snappy, thank you for this wonderful post! It is absolutly that what I meen, but with my bad english can not say.


Sigrun said...

Hi Snappy, thank you for this wonderful post! It is absolutly that what I meen, but with my bad english can not say.


Kerri said...

You've summed it all up very well. I love the community feel of's as if we all know each other (and of course, to a certain extent, we do). And like you, I love interacting with so many people with similar interests, who may be anywhere in this big wild world. We learn so much from each other, and share so much. I think it's wonderful! I've never enjoyed the garden so much and noticed so much in nature as I have since I started blogging, and looking at things through the eyes of others :) You really learn to appreciate the beauty of the earth!

snappy said...

Trey, thanks for the kind words.I love your blog too as you know i have linked your posts to mine.Do you have something that emails you when i post?
Mrs Nesbitt, we are south west of you in Castleford.Whitby is lovely place too,
Karen the comment moderation was to stop spam and unsavory links being put on the blog.They put some foul stuff on unmoderated blogs.But if I can still delete unwanted comments I would take off the moderation.Even I have to put in the letters on the screen.I check emails for comments everyday virtually..
Hannah thanks for commenting.I laughed when i saw how many comments i generated with the comments/literary garden posts.The community aspect keeps me going when its hard going in the garden or when words are at a loss.
Sigrun, my mrs Wanderful, your english is good, easy to understand.When i read it i hear a german accent.I did wander why you posted in English, with occasional german words when you cannot translate them.I think German is a very beautiful but exact language.English is much harder as words can have many meanings and connotations based on their context.Im glad that you feel the same as me.Your blog is a joy to read and look at...
Kerri thats the same thought as me.I was thinking of the camera making me look at the garden, and nature in general differently.Many people walk about in a haze not SEEING the beauty of life.Gardeners live for that, and the blogs demonstrate the love for nature, flowers,insects,etc.