Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday night

oops i got up late (had a lovely sleep) and have just come back from work.time for bed soon before 5am early rise and shine. Its raining outside and i bet the garden is loving the wet conditions.After an early i should be taking some new photos, hurray.
Missed my daily walk around the garden, prodding, sniffing, stroking, feeling leaf textures, and seeing whats growing on...

To the left is my arty french marigold, the single self seeded one from the square border.I love the colours and shapes of the flower, with the pungent leafs and ladybird attracting scents these will adorn next years borders.I have been collecting seeds, so a famish this year, a feast of french marigolds next year.

Hope your gardens are growing, and work is not intruding too much on gardening time, sigh..

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