Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gardening and Random thoughts

This was the back garden yesterday.I did not feel energetic enough to tackle it.

This was the back garden today after a lawn cut, and edge trimming, with some weed removal.The difference is amazing for only four hours working outside.

I took out the mushrooms, i tried to identify them but there are thousands growing in the UK so i do not know if it was edible. I took a lot of photos of flowers in bloom, wasps, bee's, woodlice, and some enemy slugs found behind enemy lines...
The garden looks nice again, and the borders still vibrant.As i worked i thought of improvements for next year.New plants, new combinations, new colour schemes.I picked more Dandelion flowers but these have been bagged and frozen.Next spring I will make the one gallon of wine, as i have only half a gallon in a flagon.
Soon after I came inside it poured down with rain.I walked to the shop in the rain.Its amazing how green things look after a rain shower.
I went into the coalshed yesterday and saw my Amaryllis has grown the strap leaves, even though it was in the dark, not even in soil, just the bulb and roots in the pot.
Its amazing how it knew to grow, despite the darkness and lack of rooting soil...Nature inspires me always with its mystery.
I sat virtually in the lavender for some bee pictures.They are lovely, and next year i want more bee inspiring plants like the butterfly bush.I hope they come back with their black/yellow furry jackets and obsidian eyes.
I planted some seeds yesterday, two types of foxglove, some bleeding hearts from Kerri, and spied ONE hollyhock seedling from Sigruns Garden.
I have eight busy lizzie plants for indoor colour over the winter.Sallyanne does not know they are moving into the kitchen.
My experimental tomato plants have fruit on them.I know people like Steven grows millions of San Marzano but i have never grown a tomato at all.Last years was a disaster with wilting..
I have a fruit on the store bought tomato seed plant..Crazy, not even from a packet of tomato seeds.I have a hunger now to grow a good half dozen plants by the house...
I want a grow house.I have seen one which is over six foot tall, maybe for xmas.I want to start next years plants this year for a head start.They can grow in the growhouse whilst i prepare the soil and remodel some of the borders.
The Dahlias are still gorgeous, see pic soon to be posted.The morning glories have gone crazy around the arch.I want two climbers up it next year.Maybe a clematis, and a climbing rose...
New idea's abounded today as i tidied up the late summer garden.The sunshine is a memory now, its grey, wet, and windy occasionally.
Pics to follow as i can only fit two photos on here, dont know why???

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