Monday, August 07, 2006

rose frosty morning Posted by Picasa


Karen said...

Have you tried using Blogger's own photo posting? That way you can put text and photos into one post.

Although I could go into great detail and explain to you how to do it (in a former life I was a technical writer), it would probably be easier for you to read up on it in Blogger Help and figure it out by trial and error.

Also, if you want to change the order of posts "after the fact", you can do that by opening the post up for editing, then clicking on the words "Post and Comment Options" at the bottom left of the editing window. If you then adjust the values under "Change Time & Date", you can change the order of posts. (Posts are always displayed most recent first -- first being the top of the page.)

Anyway, you don't actually have to display this comment, and I apologize if my explanations are too low-level. You can always email me at the address given in my profile with specific technical questions. I'll help you if I can.

That being said, if some super-savvy guy (or gal) comes along and makes the same offer... definitely go with them, not me. ;-)

snappy said...

Thanks Karen for the advice..