Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quick night post

I did some gardening stuff today, but felt too tired to do an all day one.I potted up the self seeded petunias? from the stones.
I watered the pots, trimmed dead flowers off.Collected seeds from sunflower seed heads both little leo and the full sized ones.
I took some photos today.I love the golden fly on the fence, and a wasp on the Abysinnian gladiolus.The garden does not look too bad really.The colours are faded, and the blooms rough around the edges but it still calms me.
The cats observed me throughout the day, they dont wander too far.
I collected more Dandelions and spent an hour getting the petals for the dandelion wine.I just have a teriffic urge to make some.To feel a link to the past, quite distant past too as my previous post said.
I will do a post if it goes well, my recipe.I said there were loads of recipes.I wish my Nan was still alive so she could have given me her recipe for dandelion wine.I hope she is watching down with Grandad observing my life, and smiling.
The oral tradition is strong in gardening for practise, and tips.People continue the stuff their parents and grandparents have done.
I hope my Dandelion wine turns out okay, having never contemplated it untill this year after finding a link for making it.
The idea has germinated untill i photographed my gardens flowers and looked up the history of the flower.Then i found how people made it...


OldRoses said...

When I was a child, my father made dandelion wine. He used to hand out paper grocery bags to all the children in the neighborhood to fill with dandelion flowers. He "paid" them one Hershey's chocolate bar for each full bag. We children thought it was quite a treat and didn't mind all the labor that went into filling our bags.

snappy said...

Cool story Old roses, do you ever make any?I am only making enough for one flagon.Its experimental though as i have never made it before.The liquid is slowly getting yellower from the Dandelion petals.Two days left yet to soak before the next stage of wine production.

Claire Splan said...

Your garden is looking terrific. It seems like in the last month, everything has filled out so much and the variety of plants in the garden is really showing. Good payoff for all your labors! Good luck with the dandelion wine.

Kerri said...

David, I'm glad the seeds arrived..and you're very welcome. Hope they do well for you. If not, there's always more to be had next year!
I tried dandelion wine once and it was delicious! Hope yours turns out well.
Your pics are really good. You have some pretty blooms in your garden. What are you using for a camera now?

snappy said...

Thanks Claire :) for that.I look at it so often i cannot tell sometimes.Do you think you can look so hard you miss the overall picture?whereas somebody else can see it in a new light.I hope the dandelion wine turns out okay.Two days untill the ingredients are added and cooked...
Kerri, my bleeding hearts, i can almost see them.I hope they do okay too.I can think of you and your farm in USA.Is it a dairy farm or do you grow crops?
It looks very idyllic in your pictures.Hard work is hard to capture.Glad you make time to grow flowers and photograph cats, hawks, and kittens too.
The camera is a 3.2 megapixel one on a Sony Ericcson phone.The best camera phone you can buy at the moment.
I dream about a 7.0 mpixel digital camera but i cant afford one.
The mobile one is compact and goes with me anywhere.with me being garden mad i can photograph things that i see, then blog them.

Kerri said...

David, I remembered you saying you used a camera phone before, but thought the pics looked too good to be that still. I didn't realize you could take such good closeups with a camera phone!
We used to have a milking herd of Holsteins until 2000, when my husband's farmer's lung problem got so bad he couldn't keep up with the hard work anymore. We've rented the fields and buildings since raise heifers or grow crops, and done a little of both ourselves. We both work off the farm now, so our time for farm work is limited. There's always time for gardening and enjoying nature's beauty though :)

snappy said...

Hi Kerri, just read the magasine online of the National Holstein association.It was fascinating that they have taken statistics (from baseball almost) to dairy cows for milk production, grading etc.Crazy, but interesting..
I hope your husband is doing okay after the break from the farming.I work as an RN so i love the time i have left for gardening.