Monday, August 21, 2006

Assurances from Australia

Stuart (crash test dummy) assures me he will be back online soon.I am calmer now, ha ha. Snappy by name...
Still thinking about patenting snappy's gardens blog before it is gazumped by a company.
Its nice to know he read my flaming post before replying to me.There was a debate before that gardeners were not being political enough.Forums have been set up now for those who want to.
Remember the poor community gardeners in LA.I think they lost the war, and they have been bulldozed.It made a few people question the morals and reasons behind it.
Will link the new page when it appears...time for cat nap now!!


Hanna said...

Oh, you should have left you original post up (I only read what got put up on Voices). Those meanies deserve whatever flamings they get.

I know that Staurt is just doing what is best for his life, but these companies just really bug me with what they are doing. Lots of them send out those notices without having any legal backing for it because they know we don't have the money and time to fight it.

But don't worry, if you can prove you were here before someone else trademarked it, you are safe... if you want to fight it.

I really wish there was a way for normal, little guys like us to fight back against those bullies.

snappy said...

Thanks Hannah.I was really annoyed by the whole big company threatening him.Stuart is a mellow guy, and has his life outside of the blog.He did not want the expense and litigation that only lines lawyers pockets.
However it was the principle of an amateur blog has been taken out by corporate greed.He was in no way a competitor.Silly people..