Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its 10am on a blustery Autumn sunday morning. Im typing this with my third coffee of the day.Sallyanne is still in bed.
I'm working today later so not many gardening posts today.
I have three days off next week so i can concentrate on tidying the borders up, and more planning
Starting more seeds in seed trays, and weeding where they have run amok.
I used to remember sunday mornings as quiet days when i woke up to church bells, and light aircraft droning overhead.
The Hospital never shuts though even for nice Sundays. I am going to work in a few hours. The garden is looking green after the overnight rain. More posts soon...


Salix Tree said...

Lovely photo, this one. Close-ups are fantastic when you have a good quality shot!
The white viola with the purple markings down below is really pretty.
I like the morning glory as well, I should try growing some myself.

lisa said...

Love the photo!

Carol said...

That's a real beautiful shot!

btw Snappy it's not autumn yet even if it feels like it because of the colder, rainy weather it's HIGH SUMMER!!!! Don't forget ;-)

I love your pink morning glories too!

Oh poor you I'm sorry to read that you also have to work on sundays! But looking forward on three free days next week isn't bad!

Sigrun said...

Hi Snappy, you work on sunday? And you drink coffee, I thought, british people are drinking tea? Now I'm perplexe! ;-)


snappy said...

Thanks Slaix tree, i love the photos too.Some close ups and some longer shots.I did not realise how mad the colours were untill i looked at the enlarged pic.Its one pretty flower, like a living art work!!
Carol I also worked today, a Bank Holiday monday.I have only seen wind and rain for weeks.Hardly any sunshine, guess its a typical british summer, and every bank holiday it rains!!Its also dark when i get up at 5am, and dark when i finish late shift.Its changing between summer to Autumn..
Sigrun,Tea is very english drink, and i think we drink more tea than anywhere else in the world.I work in the NHS and coffee is a staple drink of doctors and nurses, to overcome tiredness during long stretches of shifts, or to keep you awake on a nightshift...

Jeanette said...

Gday Snappy
Nice photos of your garden and Flowers i love pansies and Violas there also colourful
Ill be back to read more .
pop over sometime

snappy said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for dropping by.I have been to Darwin, but i never saw the salt water croc farm.I went on a boat where they dangled dead chickens from a pole, the crocs stood upright in the water to crunch the tasty chicken!

clairesgarden said...

lovely colourful shots, great bees too, they are such fascinating creatures to photograph.
sorry you are having to work at weekends, I used to but have changed jobs to get away from that, people still need care though, and they'll appreciate you for doing it.

snappy said...

Thanks Claire.Some people do appreciate the care, others dont.Im used to working weekends and bank holidays including xmas day or boxing day..
It means i garden on weekdays generally.

lisa said...

Ah the joys of a medical career! I work at a hospital, too-bummer sometimes, but very rewarding and great job security!

snappy said...

The funny thing is Lisa that with new targets about spending money they are making nurses and other hospital jobs redundent, in cost cutting exercise.
It is very rewarding however, and i do love the job.Despite the frustrations and stresses.
You get used to working when other people are relaxing.Its open 24/7 every day of the year.The sick people are always coming to us for treatment.