Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time And Teasel

I cant believe it is nearly the end of November.The wind and rain have been battering the garden again overnight.Lots of rain has fallen,and the wind has knocked over the bird feeding station.The plastic catcher under the Nijer seed has smashed again.This was the second one that the wind has destroyed!
I have been enjoying the warmth of the indoors and reading my emails.The photo was taken from the backdoor.
The Teasels have finished flowering and now the seed heads are browning away nicely.The birds quite like them to launch themselves onto the bird feeders amongst the Teasel thistles.
The great garden clean up needs to continue.The baskets are waiting to be filled with the winter bedding plants.I will try to do it tomorrow.Short days and colder nights make the warmth and light of indoors quite tempting.Reading gardening books or perusing seed catalogues ready for next year.
I ate my one Scotch Bonnet Chili yesterday raw,sliced onto some cheddar cheese.It was delicious!Next year I will try to grow Jalapenos,and Scotch Bonnet Chili peppers.Again the greenhouse needs the Tomato grow bags clearing away and the years debris cleaned up in preparation for over wintering the tender plants.Cat wants me to move the Dahlias out of the shed into the greenhouse!
We are thinking about a new conservatory,and all I can think about is how much light will flood in,and how much windowsill space there will be for plants!
The December issue of the RHS magazine came talking about Phalaenopsis plants,and gardeners who brought their plants indoors.
I also got a list of next years Flower Shows run by the RHS.There are loads starting with the Spring flowers shows,to Chelsea,to Tatton Park..
Yesterday at Earls Court six colleges came to enter the Young Gardener Of The Year.They will display their sustainable gardens at the Ideal Home Exhibition next March in Earls Court from March 16th to April 1st.
The show Gardens will be five and a half metres by four metres wide, with the theme "Land craft Techniques within an Urban Setting".David Domoney (from Garden E.R) will be on the judging panel.Hundreds of thousands of people will see these budding garden designers!Last year over 250,000 people saw the show.
This was all the students entered into the competition from the six colleges.I hope to go along in March to see what each College has done.
Even though the year is drawing to a close there is always reminders of the next year.More things to look forward to.

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