Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Autumn approaches

Just a quick post really.Its July 25th,Sallyannes birthday.I looked quicly around the garden at things that are blooming.I will rise early and take pictures of the growing things.
The evening primroses (the dirty half dozen that have survived the Kalahari like conditions) have gorgeous fat flower buds on them.The second bush fuschia is laden with white flower buds, the first bush fuschia is laden with a second flush of flowering buds.
The free plants seemed to have chilled under the hedges shadow.The spreading pink flowered geranium, and unknown flowering plant have survived the transplanting.
The summer bulbs are just green sword leaves no sign of any blooms...The nigellas are days away from opening the blue ufo type flowers hovering amongst the airy green ferny leafs!
The french marigolds continue to flower, explosions of bright orange, and reddish/orange,Single and double flowers, and the yellow double bloom french marigolds.These are my favourite repeat flowers.They have gained their invite to next years garden (just in my minds eye at the moment).
Moving to the kitchen window border the dutch iris (about 18inches high) have wilted.They are spectacular blue/yellow flowers.They are back next year.I want some different varieties though.Maybe a small section dedicated to Irises!!
The Calendulas have covered the soil totally, little gem like, but no flower buds yet!!
The biggest suprise is the dusty millers (prefer the US name instead of the long one Senecio Cinnereria) have gorgeous yellow daisy like flowers.But masses of them held above the grey/silver icing sugar dusted leaves.
Again the summer bulbs have produced leaves but no flowers!!!!
The lavenders have produced lovely fragrant purple flower spikes.The smell of lavender is so smoothing.The flower spikes are so tactile, and release a whoosh of perfume.I have smelt them a lot, enriches the senses.I have shown Chelsea (aged three) the delights of smelling plant leafs and flowers and herbs.
The pots by the back door have bloomed.The red pelagoniums have produced masses of tightly packed red flower buds.They remind me of sails on a ship, all curled up, but spectacular when they are unfurled.Red sails over green leaves.They have their own smell when touched pelagonium,geranium leaves....
The busy lizzies have gone mad with four variations of pink/red blooming in the square container.They are one of my favourite plants as they seem to like me growing them from packets of seeds.This is the fourth year i have grown flowering plants.
My only mistake was planting out too early.I lost ninety five percent of what i grew.The four in the pot are the ones i brought back inside untill they were big enough to sit outside...
The slug problem seems much less noticable.The little gem lettuces are ready to be picked and no slug danage has been done.I have not put any more pellets down....
More colourful pictures tomorrow.Keep growing, and dreaming new more exciting gardens world.

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OldRoses said...

Happy Birthday Sallyanne! I won't ask how old she is. I will ask how old your lavender is. I have a Hidcote lavender I planted this spring. The plant grew some, but no buds. Any idea when it will bloom? Next year maybe?