Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kitchen window border

This has the backdoor steps along one side.Stone slabs across the front edge of it, and to the left hand side is the rain guttering seperating a further section of it.This has had summer bulbs planted between the red leaved tree, eunymus green and gold which is growing really well, and a gorgeous pieris firemountain, red leaves from the green lower leaves.
A forsythia which put on a small yellow flowered display but now is full of fresh new green leaves where next years flowers will grow.It is beautiful in the spring, liquid sunshine dripping down its lithe long branches.Euonymus green and gold contrasts to it in colour and form.
I have tried to plant some scabious in front of these two shrubs.
The kitchen window border proper has some wild violas purple white yellow faces along the edge for some colour.

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