Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back garden fence borders

This is one long border which is shaped like a boomerang, and is bordered on one side by the dividing fences.We paid £280 for a new fence to keep the next doors devil dog in its own garden.She ripped my last japanese maple up.
The backgarden grass forms a contrast to the soil.
It is easier to see this collection of plants.From last year there are three phlox (which i hope will flower.Got ONE pink flower from three plants!!), four silver leaved senecio cinnereria.
Added this year were one silver dollar hebe with purple flowers, two camelia japonica (one red, one pink), tree with white flowers, and a corylopsis false hazel which remains twigs with no signs of growth.
When the fence was erected we dug the border in front of it running from the kitchen window border down to the two fenced corner. We went plant shopping and spent fifty pounds, then another eleven pounds.
The new additions include a gorgeous patio tree with sumptuous pink flowers in the middle of the new border.The other plants were two japanese maples acer palmatum "garnet" and acer palmatum "atropurpureum", two rosemary plants, three lavender plants, twenty bacon and eggs violas (purple and yellow), and another hebe with red/brown flowers but compact growth.
Planted along the original back fence border are summer bulbs, gladioli, purple dusters (Liatris), and Tritelia (purple flowers above thin green sword like stems.I think i planted some dutch iris as well but cant remember!!!

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