Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gremlins and End of summer

I had some Gremlins in the laptop which was stopping me from connecting to the wireless internet. I was stressed out, but im back online..
The weather has turned again to grey skies, rain, and wind. After cooking for three weeks its gone back to usual temperatures, but it feels so cold.
I was heartened to read that other gardens are looking a bit ropey. The summer flowers are looking ragged, the weeds have had a final spurt.seed pods are appearing on my flowers.
I guess over the next two days off (No Work Yipee) i will take stock, and see what grew well and start planning next year...
The mystery plant is blooming now with purple crab claw flowers. See the pics in previous posts.
I read today Angela's californian blog and was glad i made her day with a comment.Its good that the community can make people smile....( http://sacgardening.blogspot.com/ )
The white birch tree has leaves that are changing colour from the light green to Autumnal red/orange/yellow.
The summer seems all too short now.A wash out, then a blazing heat wave, and now grey and cold. Two days to weed, trim, and prepare for the Autumn/winter..
The seasons here make me so poetic ,and are part of the natural cycle that gardeners love, and plan for. As one slowly ends, we all look forward to the next part of the cycle.

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