Monday, June 02, 2014

Front Garden Stars

   I'm on a day off today and have enjoyed the sunshine this morning. I took the camera out to take some pictures of whats growing well, and what looks nice. The front garden is looking nice. Cut grass and a few plants in flower. The Rhododendron Purple Splendour looks amazing. Its growing on the edge of the garden next to a drain cover, and under a Japanese Maple. The soil is quite poor under the grass so the neighbours conifers are growing very slowly. They have been there ten years and are a few feet high.I'm trying to grow a low hedge of David Austin Roses, my Moliniux.
 The Rhododendron is a gorgeous magenta colour, with raspberry jam splashes on the petals. Its new growth will emerge from the flowers. This was one of a Trio, the other two Rhodie's have long since died. This one looks like it is thriving.
 The best Moliniuex Rose in flower. I have four Rose Bushes, and a fifth waiting to be planted in the winter when its dormant. The hedges formed a lovely window showing the blue sky, and the lovely tea scented Rose.
 Because we have stayed at the house for a few years I bought a Betula Utilis, or Himalayan Birch Tree. It was trimmed to make it vase shaped and not long and thin. It will eventually be lovely ghost white bark. It sits in the front middle of the front gardens grass so I can see it from the living room.
 It is maybe three or four years old now. I bought it from Bluebell Nurseries. It will be the star in the front garden. Supported by the Roses and Rhododendron.
 There is a Lilac Tree in a pot, and three large planters that have silver leaved Cinereria in currently.I will eventually replant those. The front garden is under stated, compared to the madness of plants in the back garden.
Growing happily in the gravel drive is this Dandelion. I will leave this for the time being.These colourful weeds make me strangely happy. When you examine the structure of the flower it is reassuringly complicated.
 There is a snapshot of the flowers from the front garden. There are more pics to come of the back garden plants.


Heidi's Wanderings said...

Your flowers are so beautiful.

Jason The Gardener said...

You took some amazing pictures. The Moliniuex Rose is simply incredible. I would certainly try to grow some of them as well. Nice post to inspire other gardeners like me. Thanks! :)