Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Post

 I did my RSPB big garden bird watch count today.It was a disappointingly quiet hour sat watching the garden.There was a ten minute flurry of activity then the rain drove the birds back to the shelter of the trees.The Goldfinches were eating the sunflower hearts.Five of them made them the most counted birds.I only managed to count twelve in the hour.No Blue Tits,Coal Tits,Great Tits,House Pigeons,or Starlings.I did see Blackbirds,Sparrows,Goldfinches,Dunnock,and a Collared Dove.
 The weather has been bad fluctuating between snow and ice, and now torrential rain and strong gusting winds.Its been too inclement for any gardening or allotment clearing today.
 I read a good article on the Daily Telegraph about the attraction of having a greenhouse.
Mine has been ripped to shreds by the wind,drenched with the rain,and misshapen by the snow.It is more of a colander than a greenhouse.I have been clearing the debris that has been damaged by the water getting inside it.When it drys up and is not windy I will put on the new cover.My money this year will be going on a New Zealand air ticket,so the glass greenhouse will have to wait.I want to start growing Vegetable seeds,Tomatoes,Chilli's,and grow on plug plants in here this year.It will be the power house for the garden and allotment.
Winter debris covers the garden.The wildlife likes the rugged look.The pond needs cleaning up for the spring.The green pond weed needs scooping out.I bought a little aquarium net to clear the weed and fallen leaves.The wildflower area behind it needs cutting down to the soil.I will put plant supports in this year before they flowers have grown tall,to try to keep them in place.
  Looking at the garden there is growth of Daffodils,Tulips,Crocus,and Iris.The Iris were squashed when the man laid the greenhouse concrete base,but have survived and are growing by the doorway.The Chinese Tree Peony,and Dicentra are growing up from the soil, hopefully bigger and better than last year.
 The Ceanothus needs a good trim to make it fit in its allotted space.It is about eight feet high and five feet wide now.Not bad for a plant that was in a 2litre pot to begin with.The birds love flying into the leaf covered branches to chill.
 The Butterfly bush also needs a good trimming.It is very vigerous plant though and takes hard pruning in its stride.
 I hope the weather improves so I can start the spring clean up soon.

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L said...

My plastic greenhouse has had it too. An avalanche of snow came off the roof and that was that. Luckily I had little in it and I think Poundstretcher had new covers last year.