Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rosebuds And Rain

The Harlow Carr Rose is still making flower buds even in November.It has continued to pour down with rain causing more flooding, and water logging the soil here.I hope that next year is not as challenging as this year.
 We are going to London this evening for a week of relaxation,shopping,and sight seeing.I need to recharge my batteries ready to tackle the garden, and the weedy allotment plot.I need to revamp both places and try new plants,seeds,and varieties next year.The greenhouse needs replacing too, soon.I will be back next Sunday..


Roger Brook - No Dig Gardener said...

Have a good weekend. Hope the tiger worms have plenty to keep them going in your hungry bin.

Anonymous said...

Last year in the garden was a disaster ... and not just the weather - the downstairs neighbours acquired a delightful new kitten ... who is now a massive young tom who uses my beds for his own purposes. I have put my name down today for a Barnet allotment but I'm not holding my breath they are like gold dust here.