Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Sun

The snow finally melted away, and the icy pavements have cleared now. The garden looked extremely green after a month of being covered in Snow.
The Winter sunshine is low, and casts a bright light on the plants.
This Teasel flower head is drying out nicely, ready for the Goldfinches to eat its seeds.
The pond has finally defrosted and the plants around it have sprung up slightly after being crushed beneath icy snow.
There is a mere ten days to go until Xmas. I have a lovely Pink Poinsettia from my Mum sat by the TV.
The Wildlife is still visiting the garden. The local Squirrels have been running along our fences today.
The garden day is only about eight hours in length now. Darkness keeps us indoors reading and watching TV programs!
I love the play of light and dark on this photo.

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