Monday, August 07, 2006

Viola hybrid purple and yellow.. Posted by Picasa


Salix Tree said...

Hi! Just posting to answer all your questions you left on my blog. Course, I had to post under the viola, my favorite little flower!
My love-in-a-mist seems to enjoy propogating itself whereever it feels like it, and I let it. Yes, the alien looking pods are the seed heads, have a look inside one! I'm sure they can grow in pots, although I have never tried. I scatter the seeds around as well, but I have found that wherever it self seeds, it always grows better, especially in my veggie plot! I had them grow every year in my strawberry bed at the old house, I think they may be traveling in that direction again! They continue to flower more if you keep the seedpods from forming.
As for the violas.. I can't remember if those are self seeded. Probably..
I buy new colors every year, and I also gather seeds from wherever I see a cool color I might want, either my own, my Mom's, a neighbor, a churchyard, the local shop, etc.

snappy said...

I love them.I want to try to cross the colours i have then collect the resulting seeds...
I have a seed head from the love in the mist.I dont know where i will plant them.
What are your Fav colours Salix tree?

Salix Tree said...

My favorite colors? Always a difficult question.. I love color!
I guess it would have to be green and yellow if I was forced to choose.
Why do you ask? What's your fave colors?
Or do you mean my favorite viola colors? heheh... Yellow again. Although I had a viola once that was magenta-purple with white and yellow, kind of watercolorish, looked like a miniature painting, was the most beautiful little viola I ever saw. Never got a pic of it though...