Thursday, August 10, 2006

Turning weather

I know its getting to the end of summer as it has got cold outside. A fierce wind is still blowing and my shorts and vest were not warm enough.I went out to reacquaint myself with the garden after too much work.
I feel better if i do a garden post after being outside. There is benefit from getting stuff off your chest.
My tomato plants have flowers on them. Do people normally take off the flowers or leave them?

i have discovered a self seeded tomato plant in the front window border. How did it get there?did a bird drop a tomato which has germinated? Or did the blackbirds eat some cherry tomatoes?

The cats have been playing on the old kitchen chairs that are being stored outside. I need the skip to come soon, and the council to take away our old sofa and chairs.

The borders have lots of colour still. I took a lot of photos again, and will post some more after this.Its a slow process using blogger to put photos on compared to Hello.

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Karen said...

Do you have freecycle in your area? You could look on and find out. Maybe someone near you needs what you don't and will come and take it away for you.