Thursday, August 10, 2006

Experimental posting

I am trying out new ways of posting so if it all goes lop sided i have tried.

I want to post pictures and texts together as my post total is now over a thousand posts in 18 months!

I spoke to Jawsy my little sist today.She has her blog too :

Since she moved to Rochester in Kent she has developed a green thumb growing lavender, and geraniums, and sage.She has put grass seed down.I have been too broke to travel to Kent to see her and see her garden.

Her husband said i need to help her with the finishing touches.I must go down soon.

It was windy today as hell, the plant pots got blown over.I moved my tomato plants down to the ground and wedged a japenese maple near them to stop them getting damaged.

My gladioli are leaning old man like now after being battered by the strong winds.I have two days off now to garden and weed, and of course take more photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the camera, i can see flowers now closer up, and see the beauty of their design with stamen and ovaries etc.I need to do my RHS course to learn the technical stuff.Not for the blog but for my own scientific mind.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I am glad that you have a few days off for gardening and posting... I think we were all starting to go into withdrawal when you went back to work after a long vacation!

snappy said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl, that is very sweet of you to say that.I think i went into withdrawel after being cut off from my garden and photos.

Carol said...

Normally I'm not a big fan of Gladiolis, but your's in deep pink is so special, I love it!

snappy said...

Thanks Carol.They look redder normally but the sun was shining through the petals making them hot pink..