Thursday, August 14, 2008

White Fireworks

After a break away from the allotment I returned today to see what was growing.The wet weather has seen a surge in the growth of the grass and the weeds.
The best part of the day was harvesting the King Edward Potatoes from the trench that I had dug five months ago.One line of Potatoes have been dug up, leaving the Nadine Potatoes growing on a bit.
I picked ten pounds worth of courgettes (and some were Marrow sized).I harvested some French Beans, Runner Beans, one and half pounds of Peas Calibra.
I did some weeding but need to return with my knife to chop the grass back down.My size 12 work boots will flatten the grass then into paths again.
This Red Onion had sent up a flower spike which was in flower today.A glorious white firework in the sunshine.It actually stopped raining enough for me to wear my vest top!!
The growing season is coming towards its finale.The Cabbages look like net curtains, but have formed hearts now in the middle of the plants.The Brussel Sprouts are still developing and im waiting to see something that looks like a sprout on the plant.
It has been an experimental year with my late start of getting the overgrown plot.I have enjoyed applying my garden skills to the allotment which is much more exposed and wild.
As i harvested my mind turned to next year, and for plants that can be grown over the winter for earlier cropping next year.
I turned the compost in both bins but they will not be ready for a few months yet.The black gold from them will elevate the raised beds and improve drainage.
I still want a shed but the base has to be dug out first and flattened.I think that will be an autumn job when things are slower on the plot.
It was a good day but very muddy underfoot and boggy ground.

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