Thursday, August 07, 2008

Electric Blue And Lilac

A late post due to me finishing work late.The colours of this Dutch Iris are superb.Electric blue with yellow, white, and a purple Haze.I do like Iris as a group of plants.I want next year to grow some of the new bearded Iris.They were strappy green leaves for months then suddenly the flowering spike appears and the colours of the rainbow unfurl.

A different Dutch Iris in flower around the edge of the Raspberry bush.This plant has hung on between the two heavyweights of the left border. The Seven feet Teasel and the equally spread out Raspberry bush.A few more plants have flower spikes in the windowbox under the kitchen window.

Late Summer is here.The first Gladiolus in flower with a cane to help keep it upright.Experience in the past has told me they need support or the first rain and wind will knock them horizontal.This Gladiolus is a combination of lilac and white.

A handful of Gladiolus have flower spikes.I planted white and blue ones, so i guess these are the Blue bulbs I planted in March. They are a typical English garden flower, and look spectacular when grown en masse.I think there is every conceivable colour going, and different sizes of flowers and shapes.
The blue and white was meant to blend with the Nepeta and the Butterfly Bush, with the purple cone flowers continuing the theme.White Chamomile flowers with yellow faces grow beneath this stately Gladiolus.
I know its late summer because the sun had set by the time i came back from work.I looked at the garden in the darkness with the security light on.
These flowers are so nice to look at..


Daisy said...

Those colors really are SUPERB!! Sadly, my irises are done for the year.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. The colour of the iris is amazing. It's so vibrant and you've captured it perfectly as usual. Glad to see the gladiolus is flowering and can't wait to see it when I get back home! I just hope that my sunflowers haven't flowered and died while I've been away!!!

snappy said...

Hi Daisy these were planted in the Spring.I had a few that were planted in the Autumn.I want to grow a lot more varieties next year.I love the Iris plants..
Hi Cat, you will see all the garden in its flowering and dying back on Tuesday.Fly safe from Florida..