Monday, August 18, 2008

Butterfly Moment

A suprise visitor today to my Agastache flower.He looks like the texture of a persian carpet.
I have had a few Butterfly encounters this year,but need to keep on with nectar rich flowers to attract them.
They are lovely to look at, and reminds me of childhood summers trying to catch them.They were always too flittish to be caught however.
Wild insect spirits that flutter, dive, and roll on the breeze before settling with wings open.
As our summer continues to be very wet i have not seen as many butterflys as i would have liked.
The three B's I wanted to attract to the garden have come this year. Birds, Butterflys, and Bee's.
Snappys garden will slow down its post rate soon as Summer continues to wind down..


Daisy said...

I like the comparison to a persian carpet... so many butterflies have that!

snappy said...

Hi Daisy,Thanks for the comment.I read today that Butterfly numbers have declined this year because the British weather has been so wet.
I long for sunny days to see them flying into my garden.I have seen a small amount of them.I guess there is always next year.